Beauty Sleep. Or just sleep…Really any sleep will be fine!

Beauty Sleep. Or just sleep…Really any sleep will be fine!

 I have always been a night owl. According to my mother, since birth I would stay up late and sleep in. And that hasn’t changed. Well, the up late part hasn’t. My natural clock seems to be set to sleep at midnight (ok, 1:00am- don’t judge) and wake up at 9am (ok, 10am- don’t call CPS). Now, of course since I have 3 kids I do not usually get to sleep in but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I go to bed any earlier. So I’m regularly living on 5-6 hours of sleep when I know my body needs at least 8.

What do I do in my nocturnal hours? What DON’T I do?! I have a quiet house and no interruptions at all! I watch This Is Us, write, I catch up on Facebook, paint the dining room, fold clothes, I watch YouTube videos showing me how to contour my face (Tried it- daughter told me it looked like I had dirt on my face. Fail.) . The point is, this time is great. Until morning rolls around- then I’m attempting to wake up enough to french braid hair and drive my kids to school. And trying- and often failing, not to get back in bed for a nap once I’ve delivered the children to their respective schools. It makes me feel lazy and unproductive and I want to change it. Because one day you know someone will notice I’m in PJ’s and a hoodie at school drop off…and still at lunch. Plus sleep deprived = craving carbs all day, puffy eyes, grouchy and no energy. Not lovely inside or out.

Not wanting to jump straight to pharmaceuticals I found Olly Restful Sleep supplements (ok, my dear husband found them and begged me to take them- see “grouchy” above). I like the fact they are all natural and don’t cause any lingering sleepy feelings in the morning. They are gummies with a blackberry flavor “with a hint of mint”. I think the mint part is kinda weird but my husband suggested they may have added it so it pairs well with your nightly tooth brushing. Seems reasonable. I’m on my first week of trying them and despite being skeptical at first- I’m impressed. In me, they create a sort of relaxed feeling that just makes it easy to fall asleep. And the sooner I fall asleep, the earlier I can function the next day. My goal is to get in a good routine and hopefully by the time I’ve finished the bottle my body will be used to the new schedule. What helps you sleep?



I took my Olly gummies for a month and have to say I began to really look forward to them each night. It was so nice to know that in about an hour- I would be drifting off. This did help me get on a better sleep/wake cycle and that has made my mornings better. Not perfect, but better. Is there a morning gummie? Ha! I do not plan to take them every night since my body is now naturally used to going to sleep at an earlier time but will keep some around for times when I need a little nudge.

-Nite-Nite, Cher

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