Busy Days of May and my Sanford Profile update- week 3

Busy Days of May and my Sanford Profile update- week 3

Life Lately…

This week has been a whirlwind as its my kid’s last week of school before summer break. Everyday there is a party/item to bring/shirt to remember/final to take/unusual drop off or pick up time. Lots of fun but I’m barley keeping up! Also- teacher gifts. I think most of them deserve an all-expense paid trip to Maui but being creative and thoughtful on a budget is challenging.

This week also marks 3 weeks on my  Sanford Profile diet. Good news? 10 pounds down! Bad news? That all happened in the first week. And y’all, I ordered lettuce wraps at Cheesecake Factory. If that isn’t strong willed I don’t know what is! So I’m still wondering if I’m not eating enough? I still have trouble drinking every shake I’m supposed to each day. Or maybe I’ve slacked on my water intake– I know I have. And today out of frustration I ate a piece of chocolate cake. Then a cookie. Then a taquito. Or two. UGH! It’s my first big fall-off-the-wagon cheat and I’m mad at myself. And it was just junk around the house-not even delicious Cheesecake Factory Food! So, tomorrow I have a new plan. I’m going to put all my prescribed shakes/bars/meals for the day in large ziplock bags- one for each day. I think this will help me stay on track with the visual right there of all I’m supposed to eat, and nothing I’m not. Plus water. More water tomorrow. I will say I am noticing my pants are a little more comfortable and since the 10 pounds has been gone for a couple weeks I don’t think it was just water weight. But back on track tomorrow.

No cold shoulders here! Ha!

Also, right now LOFT is having a flash sale. 40- 50% off everything and free shipping- which is super rare for them. Just use code FLASH.  I love LOFT and love a sale even more There are some great summer tops and dresses right now. Speaking of summer tops though- the “cold shoulder” trend? The “funky cutout in the back” trend? Can they hurry up and be over with? Super cute but strapless bras just aren’t happening unless I’m in a formal, air conditioned environment. And even then I don’t like it.   #nursed3kidsproblems  #imissspaghettistraps  sigh.  Thankfully I still found some fun tops that play nicely with mom bras. Like the one on the left!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Halfway to the weekend!



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  1. I hope you continue to post about your experience with Sanford Profile! I just started (I really mean JUST…today is Day 2 for me). Thanks for sharing!

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