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Sanford Profile Update- Break Time is Over

Sanford Profile Update- Break Time is Over

Well, I’ve been promising a Profile update for a while now. And honestly, I’ve been kind of avoiding it. Because- I kind of took a break. It started with my trip to D.C. I took some of my shakes and bars planning to stay mostly on plan but honestly, I didn’t plan well enough. One morning as I was trying to empty my shake into a water bottle it spilled all over me and inside the car and I basically gave up. Note to self- bring a blender bottle next time! And the bars- well, they got a little melted and I fell into my old habit of not eating much the first ¾ of the day and then eating way too much the last 1/4. Thankfully, all the walking around helped and I didn’t gain any weight during that trip.

I came home planning to get back on plan for the week I had before my husband and I left for our vacation. I actually had no intention of even trying to stay on plan during my vacation because eating is half the fun for me! But knowing that was coming up made it hard to stay on track the week before we left.

So, all those excuses explanations bring us to today. I’ve been off the plan for over a month! Wow time flies when you are eating! Ha! The good news is that I only gained 1-2 pounds during this time so my goal is still to lose about 12 more pounds. I’ve been trying to eat more protein and eat less carbs in general and I think that has really helped. But when I was on plan I was feeling lighter and had zero stomach issues and want to get back to that point. Also, I joined a gym! I am NOT the type who loves, or even likes, exercise but know I feel better when I’m doing it and definitely want to tone up. Plus, I signed my whole family up so we can all get in better shape! #yourewelcomefamily

Me on a rowing machine. Not sure I was doing it right…

So back onto weight loss mode. How are my fellow Profile peeps doing?


Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit Season

It’s that time of year again,  swimsuit season!

I know! Aren’t you just so excited? I love standing under flickering fluorescent lights counting the dimples on my thighs.

Each year I go through this. I need a new swimsuit but buying one requires me to mentally prepare myself. I tell myself all the things I’m supposed to think like, “This doesn’t matter! Your body made 3 children- it’s amazing! Be a good role model by not freaking out!”. And those are all true- but the process still sucks.

For one, can anyone tell me WHY it is so hard to find a swimsuit top with an underwire? 90% of bras have underwires. 90% of swim tops do NOT have an underwire. A swim top is just a bra that gets wet. Wouldn’t a wet bra require even more support? Unless you are 20 or have a brand new set, mom boobs need support!

No sunscreen required

Also, why are more modest bathing suits so ugly? Just because I want to cover some areas does not mean I want them covered in dolphins. Just because I like a more substantial  bottom piece does not mean I need a skirt all the way down to my knees. I’m desperately seeking the middle ground between Victoria Secret model and Amish grandmother. 

So, back to the dressing room I go with approximately 20 suits and a stiff upper lip.

I tried on everything.  One pieces, two pieces (haha!), multi-colored and my old friend, black.  I sat down to see how they looked from that angle. I even took pictures with my phone so I could analyze them in detail (don’t do this). I gave up and bought some shoes. Shoes always fit. 

In the end I ordered from Athleta. Their swimsuits are marketed to people surfing, kayaking and playing volleyball on the beach. I do exactly none of those things but if they will stand up to volleyball, chances are good they will keep all the parts covered while I play lifeguard with my kids. And they have bra-sized tops. Hallelujah! 

Plus, I got a really cute cover-up. One size fits all for the win!

Next week I’ll be sharing my Sanford Profile update!



Spring in Texas, Winter in Me

Spring in Texas, Winter in Me

Spring is in full bloom here. Flowers are blossoming, the weather is hot one day and cold the next, I’m buying economy size bottles of Claritin for my family and it’s tornado season. This is spring in Texas.

Traditionally, spring is seen as a time of newness but I’ve always associated it with the end of the year. My internal calendar is based on the school year, so fall is my new year and spring is my end of year. And with that comes reflection. What did I accomplish? What areas are growing? What areas need growth? What needs pruning?

This year especially, my areas of growth are mostly internal. Which is great! Wonderful. Honestly it’s the most important. But my areas that need attention are external. And external is just so much more…visible. So while I’m thrilled I have devoted more time to Bible study, read more books, accepted new volunteer opportunities am working on more personal development- I’m frustrated that I’ve gained some weight, I haven’t kept my resolution to cook at home more often, and haven’t been as organized as I want-among other things.

Why is it so easy to let the perfection get in the way of progress? Why does one area seem to droop when another is growing?

I think I need to be better at recognizing my own seasons. Just like the trees grow dormant in the winter while preparing for springs blooms, I will have periods that require rest and internal focus which will ignite the coming outer growth.

I don’t want to be a cut flower, blooming only a short time and then quickly fading. I want to be a strong tree (one with pretty flowers and red fall leaves! Does that exist?). So I need to recognize times made for refueling. And that’s ok. Spring is coming.

What season are you in?


Beauty Sleep. Or just sleep…Really any sleep will be fine!

Beauty Sleep. Or just sleep…Really any sleep will be fine!

 I have always been a night owl. According to my mother, since birth I would stay up late and sleep in. And that hasn’t changed. Well, the up late part hasn’t. My natural clock seems to be set to sleep at midnight (ok, 1:00am- don’t judge) and wake up at 9am (ok, 10am- don’t call CPS). Now, of course since I have 3 kids I do not usually get to sleep in but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I go to bed any earlier. So I’m regularly living on 5-6 hours of sleep when I know my body needs at least 8.

What do I do in my nocturnal hours? What DON’T I do?! I have a quiet house and no interruptions at all! I watch This Is Us, write, I catch up on Facebook, paint the dining room, fold clothes, I watch YouTube videos showing me how to contour my face (Tried it- daughter told me it looked like I had dirt on my face. Fail.) . The point is, this time is great. Until morning rolls around- then I’m attempting to wake up enough to french braid hair and drive my kids to school. And trying- and often failing, not to get back in bed for a nap once I’ve delivered the children to their respective schools. It makes me feel lazy and unproductive and I want to change it. Because one day you know someone will notice I’m in PJ’s and a hoodie at school drop off…and still at lunch. Plus sleep deprived = craving carbs all day, puffy eyes, grouchy and no energy. Not lovely inside or out.

Not wanting to jump straight to pharmaceuticals I found Olly Restful Sleep supplements (ok, my dear husband found them and begged me to take them- see “grouchy” above). I like the fact they are all natural and don’t cause any lingering sleepy feelings in the morning. They are gummies with a blackberry flavor “with a hint of mint”. I think the mint part is kinda weird but my husband suggested they may have added it so it pairs well with your nightly tooth brushing. Seems reasonable. I’m on my first week of trying them and despite being skeptical at first- I’m impressed. In me, they create a sort of relaxed feeling that just makes it easy to fall asleep. And the sooner I fall asleep, the earlier I can function the next day. My goal is to get in a good routine and hopefully by the time I’ve finished the bottle my body will be used to the new schedule. What helps you sleep?



I took my Olly gummies for a month and have to say I began to really look forward to them each night. It was so nice to know that in about an hour- I would be drifting off. This did help me get on a better sleep/wake cycle and that has made my mornings better. Not perfect, but better. Is there a morning gummie? Ha! I do not plan to take them every night since my body is now naturally used to going to sleep at an earlier time but will keep some around for times when I need a little nudge.

-Nite-Nite, Cher

What’s Lovely?

What’s Lovely?


Hi! My name is Cher and I’m here to help you focus on finding the “lovely” in your life. What is lovely? Well, that will be a little different for everyone but we all have it and with proper cultivation it will bloom! I will show you what inspires and encourages my inner self and what steps and products help me feel good about my outer self. Inside and out loveliness.

When thinking about this blog I was torn on what to write about. I’m very interested in beauty products and fun fashion. But I’m also passionate about focusing on what will make one a lovely person. What good is a flawless face without a warm heart? And honestly, I think when people become too focused on the outside, it’s often an indicator something is missing on the inside. So, my goal is to nourish the inside and have fun with the outside. Find the ever elusive balance.

I hope this will be a place for women to share tips and encouragement with each other.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:8