Sanford Profile Update- Break Time is Over

Sanford Profile Update- Break Time is Over

Well, I’ve been promising a Profile update for a while now. And honestly, I’ve been kind of avoiding it. Because- I kind of took a break. It started with my trip to D.C. I took some of my shakes and bars planning to stay mostly on plan but honestly, I didn’t plan well enough. One morning as I was trying to empty my shake into a water bottle it spilled all over me and inside the car and I basically gave up. Note to self- bring a blender bottle next time! And the bars- well, they got a little melted and I fell into my old habit of not eating much the first ¾ of the day and then eating way too much the last 1/4. Thankfully, all the walking around helped and I didn’t gain any weight during that trip.

I came home planning to get back on plan for the week I had before my husband and I left for our vacation. I actually had no intention of even trying to stay on plan during my vacation because eating is half the fun for me! But knowing that was coming up made it hard to stay on track the week before we left.

So, all those excuses explanations bring us to today. I’ve been off the plan for over a month! Wow time flies when you are eating! Ha! The good news is that I only gained 1-2 pounds during this time so my goal is still to lose about 12 more pounds. I’ve been trying to eat more protein and eat less carbs in general and I think that has really helped. But when I was on plan I was feeling lighter and had zero stomach issues and want to get back to that point. Also, I joined a gym! I am NOT the type who loves, or even likes, exercise but know I feel better when I’m doing it and definitely want to tone up. Plus, I signed my whole family up so we can all get in better shape! #yourewelcomefamily

Me on a rowing machine. Not sure I was doing it right…

So back onto weight loss mode. How are my fellow Profile peeps doing?


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