Spring in Texas, Winter in Me

Spring in Texas, Winter in Me

Spring is in full bloom here. Flowers are blossoming, the weather is hot one day and cold the next, I’m buying economy size bottles of Claritin for my family and it’s tornado season. This is spring in Texas.

Traditionally, spring is seen as a time of newness but I’ve always associated it with the end of the year. My internal calendar is based on the school year, so fall is my new year and spring is my end of year. And with that comes reflection. What did I accomplish? What areas are growing? What areas need growth? What needs pruning?

This year especially, my areas of growth are mostly internal. Which is great! Wonderful. Honestly it’s the most important. But my areas that need attention are external. And external is just so much more…visible. So while I’m thrilled I have devoted more time to Bible study, read more books, accepted new volunteer opportunities am working on more personal development- I’m frustrated that I’ve gained some weight, I haven’t kept my resolution to cook at home more often, and haven’t been as organized as I want-among other things.

Why is it so easy to let the perfection get in the way of progress? Why does one area seem to droop when another is growing?

I think I need to be better at recognizing my own seasons. Just like the trees grow dormant in the winter while preparing for springs blooms, I will have periods that require rest and internal focus which will ignite the coming outer growth.

I don’t want to be a cut flower, blooming only a short time and then quickly fading. I want to be a strong tree (one with pretty flowers and red fall leaves! Does that exist?). So I need to recognize times made for refueling. And that’s ok. Spring is coming.

What season are you in?


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  1. I’m with you 100%! I think when you are in that season of life and for many years after, we moms and grandmas feel this way .Cher you are beautiful inside and out!

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