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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Hello- I’m back and it’s apparently November. Where did the time go?

Honestly, the season I’ve been going through has been hard. And I hesitate to even say that because I’ve mostly been on the periphery of the hard things. They haven’t happened to me directly but to people I love. And when my people hurt- I hurt with them. I’ve also dealt with some things in my own life that have caused stress, pain and reflection. It’s everywhere, just turning on the news makes it apparent- the whole world is in turmoil and pain.

In dealing with my trials, I try and remind myself not to let situations define me. That life isn’t, and never will be, perfect. That if I choose to ruminate on the bad, I will likely miss the good. That God is with me every step. To put my attention first on the things I am called to do. And I’m often terrible at doing all that.

The details of my stress? They honestly don’t matter. I’ve been in hard seasons before. I bet you have too. And with the benefit of hindsight, it really is the process- the slogging through emotions, the finding people who can hold you up, the post-tears epiphany, the realization you did the hard things, and finding God’s redemption through it all-  that matters in the end.

So to cope- I watch funny YouTube videos. I listen to podcasts of sermons while I fold laundry.  I wear sweatpants and be comfy. I decorate for the holidays. I drink a regular Dr. Pepper instead of the diet. And I pray- when I wake up in the morning and when I try to fall asleep too late at night and when I’m taking deep breaths all in between. Also, I quote a very wise character from a movie. Dory- from Finding Nemo. Yup, Dory. The forgetful and hilarious blue fish.

“Just keep swimming”. Simple and true.

It reminds me I don’t have to figure it all out right now. That I don’t need to think more, solve every problem, and process every possibility. I just need to keep going. Most days that seems like too much and not nearly enough all at once. But I can do it. And if you are going through some difficult times- you can too. Pray. And just keep swimming.


PS- My sister is still recovering. Doing great but it is a long road. Prayers are always appreciated!