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New (school) year!

New (school) year!

This week my kids are going back to school. I always feel like right when we have settled into our groove- summer is over. I will miss them bunches. I have a child in elementary, middle and high school. The logistics of that can get tricky…And each year seems to fly by faster than the one before. I mean, in 2 years I will have a senior in high school! And I can’t even think beyond that.

But our summer was wonderful. Full of lots of rest and relaxation. Blanket forts and night swims. Family time and travel. Some days that meant we were in pj’s zoning out on Netflix and X-Box while eating leftover pizza. Probably too many days- but it’s a nice reprieve before fall. If summer is a gentle creek, fall is a raging river. And there is pretty much zero time to switch gears.

But honestly- I like it. I mean, I’m a blogger so it’s kind of required for me to like fall. But it’s a new fresh start for us all. The haircuts, new school shoes and clothes, brand new, non-stinky lunch boxes! So much to be excited about! With the kids in school all day it gives me time to start my own projects. I’ve downloaded a freezer-meal prep plan I will be writing about soon. I’m planning on painting a few rooms (any tips on painting ceilings? Ugh!). I will be leading a neighborhood Bible study for moms of teens (prayers appreciated!!!). And of course exercising. This is my “new year” more than January 1st and the opportunity to make good changes is always exciting.

What plans do you have for the new school year?

Busy Days of May and my Sanford Profile update- week 3

Busy Days of May and my Sanford Profile update- week 3

Life Lately…

This week has been a whirlwind as its my kid’s last week of school before summer break. Everyday there is a party/item to bring/shirt to remember/final to take/unusual drop off or pick up time. Lots of fun but I’m barley keeping up! Also- teacher gifts. I think most of them deserve an all-expense paid trip to Maui but being creative and thoughtful on a budget is challenging.

This week also marks 3 weeks on my  Sanford Profile diet. Good news? 10 pounds down! Bad news? That all happened in the first week. And y’all, I ordered lettuce wraps at Cheesecake Factory. If that isn’t strong willed I don’t know what is! So I’m still wondering if I’m not eating enough? I still have trouble drinking every shake I’m supposed to each day. Or maybe I’ve slacked on my water intake– I know I have. And today out of frustration I ate a piece of chocolate cake. Then a cookie. Then a taquito. Or two. UGH! It’s my first big fall-off-the-wagon cheat and I’m mad at myself. And it was just junk around the house-not even delicious Cheesecake Factory Food! So, tomorrow I have a new plan. I’m going to put all my prescribed shakes/bars/meals for the day in large ziplock bags- one for each day. I think this will help me stay on track with the visual right there of all I’m supposed to eat, and nothing I’m not. Plus water. More water tomorrow. I will say I am noticing my pants are a little more comfortable and since the 10 pounds has been gone for a couple weeks I don’t think it was just water weight. But back on track tomorrow.

No cold shoulders here! Ha!

Also, right now LOFT is having a flash sale. 40- 50% off everything and free shipping- which is super rare for them. Just use code FLASH.  I love LOFT and love a sale even more There are some great summer tops and dresses right now. Speaking of summer tops though- the “cold shoulder” trend? The “funky cutout in the back” trend? Can they hurry up and be over with? Super cute but strapless bras just aren’t happening unless I’m in a formal, air conditioned environment. And even then I don’t like it.   #nursed3kidsproblems  #imissspaghettistraps  sigh.  Thankfully I still found some fun tops that play nicely with mom bras. Like the one on the left!

Happy Wednesday y’all! Halfway to the weekend!