Weight loss week 1 (Sanford Profile)

Weight loss week 1 (Sanford Profile)

So, in another post I mentioned I had gained some weight this year. Nothing too dramatic but I was at the point that my clothes weren’t fitting and I either needed to size up and get a new wardrobe or lose the weight. Now, weight is a tricky topic. One person’s “before” picture is another’s “after”. So if you are happy with your weight- whatever it is, good for you! Awesome! If you are unhappy with your weight, whatever it is- it doesn’t define you. Don’t let it! As I tell my kids- our outside is just the box we are wrapped in. It’s fun to change the paper around or maybe even the size of the box, but none of that should overshadow what’s IN the box. That is you!

So, back to me trying to shrink my box so my paper fits…

I heard about Sanford Profile from an acquaintance and she had really good results with it. So I looked the program up, saw the price, and decided I could eat less on my own without paying hundreds of dollars.

And then 2 months passed and I gained 5 more pounds. So much for me being able to boss myself around…

Thankfully, at that time the program was running a special and the cost was 1/3 of the normal price so I decided to sign up.

The program is tailored to you and your goals but basically, you buy their food (shakes, bars and other things- mostly with lots of protein and low sugar and carbs) and eat a few servings of your own food (lean proteins and veggies).  As you get closer to your goal, the more of your own food you eat and you wean off theirs. You have weekly meetings with a coach (in office or even over the phone or Skype) to help you adjust things as necessary.

Nothing ground breaking until….THE SCALE


They give you a scale, but this isn’t just any old scale. It electronically sends your weight, from your house, to your coach! Talk about accountability! I’ve done other programs before and it was a pain scheduling weigh- ins at consistent times and wearing similar clothes to accurately track changes. Now I can weigh my naked self first thing each morning in the comfort of my own bathroom and the coach is sent that weight. Woo-hoo!

At my appointment we set my goal, I was weighed (fully clothed- ha!) and measured (they do this once a month) and I bought my food. I got oatmeal for breakfast, chili for a meal replacement, chocolate protein shakes, and a variety pack of protein bars. That night I went out to eat my “last meal” of Mexican food. Because I will miss it the most (are chips and queso on any diet? I want to do that one!). Please do not tell me to eat fajitas with no tortilla. #whybother

Day 1- Oatmeal fail. I cooked it too long and formed some oatmeal cement in the microwave. And it tasted like protein powder, which I hate. The rest of the day goes well though (probably still coasting on calories from last night’s chips). I actually can’t eat all I’m supposed to.

Day 2- I still hate the oatmeal but ate it. Worked up the courage to drink a shake today (skipped them yesterday) and it was actually good. This is amazing because I have NEVER liked a protein shake. Woo-hoo! I have a horrid headache but it’s probably sugar withdraw. Been down this road before. Also, I’m down 4 pounds. I’m sure 2-3 is clothes but it’s always motivating to see progress.

Days 3-6- I did not eat enough. I tend to not get real excited about eating when my options are mostly veggies and then end up just not eating. But I wasn’t really hungry most days and found the diet pretty simple. Also, I miss bananas. A lot. But the scale is dropping every day so that is encouraging. Also, I really notice how often I was mindlessly grabbing a handful of candy, chips and things like that before. #nomoremindlesseating

Day 7- I went in to my coach for a 1 week check. I’ve lost 10 pounds! That sounds so good- except my clothes are fitting the same so I know it’s probably mostly water weight or by body just started eating organs instead of fat. I don’t know. My coach is great but tells me I HAVE to eat more (starvation mode = your body will start holding on to every ounce it can). She also suggests some new food options and recipes. One recipe is “Crack Slaw” which is basically making the insides of an eggroll. It was SO good. There are lots of versions but here is one: Crack Slaw.

Day 8- Up .5 pounds. I think starvation mode is catching up to me. Must eat more today. So far I’m loving the scale, the helpful coaches and Facebook community group for support and ideas. I’m not loving the phone app (it has lots of bugs) and I wish more options from their food line didn’t contain artificial sweeteners since I try to avoid those. Some don’t but a lot do. I’m sticking with it though. Will update again soon! I’d love to hear any good low carb recipes if you have one!


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  1. I haven’t started the plan yet but I have to do something! I weigh 257…ugh! I found a deal through Groupon for $49 so I think I will give it a go. Also I am diabetic. What foods would you recommend?

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